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Dance Classes:

Class Schedule 


Classes stress strict authentic training in all fundamental techniques and traditional ballet movements.  This discipline is the base on which all other techniques are built.  Grace, poise, body alignment and self-discipline are incorporated in this professionally oriented class.

This class is offered to serious students enrolled in at least one ballet class per week and is considered strong enough for the technique.

Modern steps and movements are taught in a serious yet enjoyable atmosphere.  Creativity and self-expression are the goals of this discipline.  Flexibility and finesse are the building blocks of Jazz and they are blended with an accent on performance.

Fun and rhythm oriented.  Footwork as well as upper-body technique are emphasized in this class.  Students learn to make tap sounds to upbeat music.

For the latest style of dance including skills seen on music videos, this course is the popular choice among older students.  It builds strength and endurance while being social and fun.

This class is designed to help students express their individual feelings and emotions.  Encompassing all dance forms with a strong emphasis of ballet, students interpret the words and music through movement.

This class introduces an expressive form of dance.  It is unconventional using such techniques of fall and recovery, and levels of movement.  In this class, students are taught to use the body as an instrument to express emotions.

Kinder dance and Creative Movement
Class consists of ballet and tap (Kinder dance only) class concentrating on rhythm, coordination and discipline while having fun!

Baby Dancers (no recital)
this class is for our youngest dancers, starting at age 15 months -30 months. Introducing children to basic movement at an early age improves coordination and stimulates creativity and imagination.

Adult Dance Sampler
A fun filled class of dance and great exercise. The class will combine ballet, tap, jazz, lyrical and hip hop switching every couple weeks.
SDC Schedule 2017-2018
4:00  Combo HH/Acro- ages 3-6
4:45  Boys- ages 6 and up
5:30  Pointe- age 11 and up
6:00  Adv Ballet- age 11 and up
6:45  Modern- age 11 and up
7:30  Adv Lyrical- age 12 and up


4:00  Biddie Troupe
4:30  Troupe 1 Ballet
5:00  Tap 101- ages 5-9
5:45  Tap 102- ages 10 and up
6:30  Tap Troupe
7:00  Troupe 3
7:30  Adult Combo
8:15  Adult Tap


  9:30    Kinderdance- ages 2-4
10:15    Home School Dance
  4:00    Lyrical 1- ages 7-11
  4:45- Beg Jazz- ages 7-11

  5:30- troupe Production rehersal





4:00  Acro 1- ages 5-9
4:45  Acro Troupe
5:15  Acro 2- ages 9 and up
6:00  Troupe 2
6:45  Adv Jazz- age 12 and up
7:30  Troupe Ballet
8:15  Leaps & Turns- ages 8 and up


4:00  Jazz/Tap Combo Ages 4-6
4:45 Hip Hop 1- ages 7-10
5:30  Hip Hop 2- age 11 and up


  9:30  Kinderdance- ages 3-5
10:15  Combo Ballet / Jazz- ages 6-9


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